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FREE Mini-Conference for New Homeschoolers

If you are new to homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling, you are invited to join us for a FREE mini-conference the day before the AFHE Convention. Our team will present informative and inspiring sessions designed specifically for those who are considering educating their children at home or are just getting started.
♦ More information about Carrie, Pam, and Heather may be found at the SPEAKERS & WORKSHOPS page! ♦
  • Movement and Learning Go Hand in Hand (Heather Haupt) - Do you have one of those kids who can't seem to sit still? Do your kids or perhaps even you get easily distracted or sidetracked? Despite what the culture says, freedom to move amplifies learning. Come explore the scientific research behind the mind/body connection and how movement can be the key switch to turn your child ON to learning. But more importantly, discover how you can create a home that purposefully allows for movement in ways that maximize your family's learning and focus! 
  • How to Homeschool: Practical Steps for Getting Started (Pam Spinker) - This workshop is designed to answer the questions most moms have when considering and beginning their homeschool journey. Questions like, “How do I choose curriculum?”, “How do I schedule my day?”, “How do I school with littles?”, and more are answered in this interactive workshop. Participants will be writing down and working through their thoughts and ideas as each question is answered in a practical, implementable manner.
  • Homeschooling for Free (Well . . . Almost Free!) (Carrie De Francisco) - Focusing on the “wonder years” (preK-4th grade) but with advice for all elementary and secondary levels, Carrie DeFrancisco shares how to home educate for free (or for almost free), how to keep God and His Word at the center of your studies, how to protect your child's childhood from academic overload, and more. This session will help you keep the WONDER years WONDERful, full of awe and fun, and on a budget! If you are a parent of a primary or elementary student, a family on a strict budget, a parent wanting to have more meaningful experiences with your younger children, or a homeschool mom wanting to simplify her schedule, then this workshop is for you. 
  • AFHE Team - We will make sure you get the nuts-and-bolts information you need to begin homeschooling in Arizona. Learn about the legal definition of a homeschool, legal requirements, connecting with other homeschoolers, getting the resources you need, and other essentials.
Tell your friends who are considering making the switch to homeschooling!

9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Phoenix Convention Center South Building
33 South Third Street, Phoenix 85004

FREE! No advance registration required.

YOU CAN HOMESCHOOL! is supported by these sponsors

AFHE is grateful for the opportunity to present this FREE mini-conference with the support of wonderful partners like these. These organizations understand homeschooling and want to help you get off to a great start! Please join us in thanking . . .


AFHE presents a three-hour seminar focused on assisting parents who are at the beginning of the special needs homeschool journey. You will hear from special needs and education professionals who have worked extensively with homeschool families, and who have homeschool experience, themselves! Their sessions will shed light on the realities and great potential of this journey!


Pamela Gates is a Certified Learning Specialist in Dianne Craft’s Learning System. She is a popular speaker at homeschool conferences, presenting workshops filled with practical, easily implemented teaching strategies and bringing hope to families with children who struggle with learning. As an Educational Consultant, Pam conducts personal consultations and tutoring services in the Denver area. As a homeschooling mother of six, Pam had a daughter with dyslexia who was unable to remember letter sounds or spell her name. Using unique, alternative teaching methods, her daughter overcame her dyslexia. She now has her master’s degree in early childhood education and development. 
Pamela's workshop: Identifying and Correcting Blocked Learning Gates  If you have a bright, hardworking child who has to work too hard to learn, he is telling you that one or more of his four Learning Gates is blocked. Find out specifically how the brain processes information, and where that processing can break down. A homeschooling mom with a Ph.D. in special education said that she learned more in this workshop about how kids learn and how to make learning easier, than she had in all her university courses! 
Sharon Fisher is a wife, mother, and grandmother who is passionate about encouraging homeschool parents and Christian educators to teach children with excellence and a biblical worldview. She holds a B.S. and an M.A. in Elementary Education. With years of full-time teaching experience in elementary classrooms and as a former elementary author for BJU Press, she has made significant contributions to various educational materials. Sharon currently serves as the Social Media Coordinator, Workshop Speaker and Coordinator, Blog Writer, and Curriculum Specialist for HomeWorks by Precept, a trusted provider of homeschool materials. 
Sharon's workshop: Understanding the Needs of a Struggling Learner  As a parent, you have a deep understanding of your child's personality and abilities. This knowledge can help you make necessary adjustments to support your child's learning. We will discuss various aspects such as nutrition, learning space, materials, learning styles, and routines to cater to your child's needs.  
Bring a friend, spouse, relative, or support person to learn along with you!


Phoenix Convention Center South Building
33 South Third Street, Phoenix 85004

FREE! No advance registration required.


ASVAB Career Exploration Program Testing

Parents, this is a valuable opportunity for your high school student (grades 10-12) or recent graduate to take this highly regarded assessment. The ASVAB Career Exploration Program includes a validated aptitude test and interest assessment. As you and your student work on a plan for high school and beyond, you need all the facts about your child's skills and interests, the world of work, and post-secondary options to make informed decisions.
ASVAB stands for "Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery." But this assessment isn't only useful for those who are considering military service. The ASVAB is the most widely used multiple-aptitude test battery in the world, measuring students' development in both academic and occupational skills. It also measures aptitudes that are related to success in different jobs and training programs.

Participating in the ASVAB CEP (Career Exploration Program) with AFHE will include three components: taking the assessment, completing a 90-topic interest inventory, and then utilizing the results to explore career options through the OCCU-Find tool. 

participation in this opportunity is an afhe member exclusive benefit!

WHO can participate in the ASVAB CEP being offered by AFHE?
  • students whose families have a current AFHE membership
  • students in grades 10-12 or within 2 years following high school graduation (if the graduate is a student at a post-secondary educational institution, such as a college, community college, trade school, etc.)
What is the COST?
This is offered at NO COST to AFHE members. The assessment, interpretation of results, and access to career planning tools are all part of a federally funded program. AFHE is sponsoring the location and administration.
WHEN and WHERE will this take place?
Thursday, July 11, 2024
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Phoenix Convention Center, South Building
HOW do we sign up?
Registration will open on May 28, 2024. The sign-up form will be on the Member Benefits page of the AFHE website.
1) Log in to your member profile.
2) Click on "Member Benefits" in the upper right corner of the page.
3) Scroll down to the ASVAB logo and click the Registration button!

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas are covered in the ASVAB assessment?
The ASVAB includes several subtests in the following areas: General Science, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Electronics Information, Automotive and Shop Information, Mechanical Comprehension, Assembling Objects.
Are test results automatically reported to the armed services?
Data from test takers is aggregated to provide insights for future training and workforce planning, but individual results are the property of the student and there are various options for releasing the scores to recruiting services. AFHE participants will have to complete an "opt-in" form in order to have their results reported to the armed services. Students taking the assessment in 11th and 12th grade can use their scores to meet military entrance/enlistment requirements.
How will we interpret the scores from the ASVAB?
Assistance is provided through the ASVAP CEP. Interpreting the scores is extremely important to the purpose of the assessment! There will be a post-test guided session scheduled on Zoom later in July for students and parents to attend to understand the scores and how to use them for career exploration with online tools that test-takers will be able to access.
When can we sign up?
The online form will be available on the Member Benefits page (for logged in users) beginning May 28. The last day to sign up will be announced in June.
What if I have questions about the form or the test?
Send an email to Please include your phone number and whether you currently have an AFHE membership.

You can also download a comprehensive overview to read with your student.


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Attendance at these July 11 pre-convention events does not include admission to the AFHE Convention Friday, July 12 and Saturday, July 13, 2024. On-site registration for the Convention will be open Thursday from 12:30-5:30 PM for those who wish to register while you're at the Phoenix Convention Center.

When you pre-register for the Convention on Thursday you can pick up your convention name badges, welcome bag (one per family), and convention program—and skip the check-in lines Friday morning!

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These mini-conferences are geared for training and equipping adults and take place during exhibitor set-up for the AFHE Homeschool Convention. For your child's safety and to allow you to gain the full benefit of these mini-conference sessions, we encourage you to make childcare arrangements, if possible.

Childcare is not provided. Nursing infants are always welcome.

If you bring your child to the Convention Center, he or she must remain with you at all times. As a courtesy to other attendees, we ask that you step out of the workshop room if your child becomes noisy or a distraction to those around you.


The Thursday programming takes place during exhibitor move-in, so the exhibit hall will not be open for shopping on Thursday.
Convention registration is required for exhibit hall entry on Friday and Saturday.

Exhibit Hall hours for registered Convention attendees:
Friday 10:00AM-6:30PM, Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM


Recordings of the Thursday mini-conferences will be available for purchase. Take advantage of the on-site purchase price on Thursday or during the Convention, or visit the Resounding Voice website following the Convention at


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