Christian Teen Program

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Unbound knows that teenagers have incredible potential, not just in the future, but right now. We know that God has a vision for your teen’s life that is fuller, wilder, and deeper than just “getting through these years until they’re old enough to really make a difference."

We aim to guide teens to recognize their God-given potential and use it to the fullest. Unbound views our teens as young leaders and helps them take ownership of their lives. Let's equip them with the tools they need to make an impact on the world for Christ! Through punchy sessions, fast-paced games, and relatable characters, the Unbound Teen Track team shows teenagers how to take ownership of their lives and live with courage.

If you want your teen to be growing and learning during the convention and get the same practical, actionable value out of it as you do each year, register them for the Unbound Teen Track!

"THANK YOU" to these sponsors for their support of our Teen Program!

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Programming for Kids

Although there is not a formal children's program at the AFHE Convention, these are some features of the weekend planned with youngsters in mind!


  • KidsCorner — Visit a fun "booth" near the concessions area where your kiddo can relax and play. Take a break here while your kids enjoy some games and toys in a space set up just for them!
  • KidsCorner programming — Curious kids and their parents are invited to attend demonstrations and activities throughout the day presented by our wonderful exhibitors! Check the schedule of events in your program when you arrive at Convention.
  • Fun Family ActorsBible Experience — Sign up for the 45-minute experience for your whole family! Your group will learn about family discipleship as you select a Bible account to reenact, choose your character and a costume, and practice your lines with a teleprompter. Then enter the 24' projection dome and step right into the Bible scene! Tickets available beginning April 2.
Complete details at our EXHIBIT HALL page!


Complete details at our SPEAKERS & WORKSHOPS page!