Designated Scholarship
Evan C. Gary Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Fund Code: 1

Scholarship Title

The Evan C. Gary Memorial Scholarship

Donor Name

Grant and Carol Gary

Scholarship Award Amount


Distribution Schedule

Award half the amount each semester

Number of Scholarships to be Awarded


Scholarship is Renewable if Criteria are Maintained



Freshman or Sophomore

College Major or Field of Interest

Engineering, science, or pre-medicine

Minimum Grade Point Average Required


Scholarship Criteria

The donors are looking for a student with a Christian worldview who seeks a career in engineering, science, or medicine.  The student must have been homeschooled for at least seven years in order to be considered.

Additional Submission Requirement

In place of the 2nd and 6th supporting documents described on the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION INFORMATION page, the donor requires the following:

Student–authored, one-page essay articulating the student’s worldview, how this view has directed their career choice (Engineering, Science, or Pre-Medical), and how they plan to use their chosen path to advance the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Two letters of recommendation from non-family members who have known the student for at least three years. One must be a letter from a pastor or staff member at the student's home church.


The Evan C. Gary Memorial Scholarship was created to honor the life and contributions of locally homeschooled student, Evan C. Gary; son of Grant and Carol Gary of Phoenix. Evan had a keen interest in engineering and the sciences, particularly historical science and biology. Through his various projects and creative interests, he had an even bigger heart to see that those around him knew the love of Jesus Christ. At the age of 12, Evan was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia. With his whole family by his side, he sought treatment over a 25-month period at four different internationally known medical institutions across the United States. As he bravely battled cancer in all of these various settings and circumstances, Evan continued to homeschool and excel in most everything he did while maintaining a positive attitude and an eternal perspective on life. Once a person met Evan, their life was changed forever and for the better. The evening before he passed away, at the age of 14, Evan declared, “I am going to serve Jesus and Him alone. I am going to focus on what is right. How about you?” As Evan’s parents, then, it is our hope that his words would continue to live on and inspire the home-educated youth of tomorrow; taking this mandate into their hearts as they pursue their respective field in engineering, science, or pre-medicine.

LEARN MORE ABOUT EVAN - Article from Winter 2012 AFHE Journal