AFHE Scholarship Fund - Box Tops for Education®

AFHE is now collecting Box Tops for Education® as an additional avenue for raising funds for the AFHE Scholarship Fund.

Box Tops for Education

Clip and Send Us Your Box Tops®

Clip Box Tops® from specially marked packages and send them to

AFHE Box Tops, P.O. Box 2035, Chandler, AZ 85244-2035

Bring your Box Tops® to Convention

We will have a collection jar in the lobby at the AFHE Convention where you can deposit your clipped Box Tops®.

Collect Box Tops® at Your Homeschool Group Activities

We have collection boxes available for Arizona homeschool groups who would be willing to clip and collect Box Tops® for the AFHE Scholarship Fund at your weekly park day or homeschool group activities.


AFHE Scholarship Liaison,