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Contact Carol Gary to sign up for the HSF AZ State Ambassador email list to stay up-to-date about opportunities to help hurting homeschool families in your local community.

Arizona Activities Supporting HSF

Upcoming HSF Arizona Ambassador Team activities and fundraisers ...

Saturday, May 2, 2015
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Grand Canyon University
3300 W. Camelback Road, Phoenix
Lopes Gymnasium

Proceeds from the sale will go to help homeschool families who are hurting and in crisis right here in Arizona.


Carol Gary, Arizona State Ambassador



The Arizona Ambassador Team for the Home School Foundation is teaming up with Café Zupas every Tuesday in April to raise money for hurting homeschoolers! For every meal purchased as specified below, Café Zupas will donate 20% back to the foundation.


Meals purchased between 5:00 and 9:00 PM at these locations on these dates will count toward the fundraiser with voucher:
April 7 ... Café Zupas Arrowhead
April 14 ... Café Zupas Norterra
April 21 ... Café Zupas Desert Ridge
April 28 ... Café Zupas Dana Park


In order to count towards this fundraising effort, please print this flyer and bring it to the participating location.


From 6:30 to 8:00 PM at any of the locations noted above, an AZ Ambassador will be present to collect any curriculum donation you wish to give for the upcoming New/Used Curriculum Sale coming May 2 at Grand Canyon University. HSF Ambassador team members will be wearing gray HSF t-shirts. Please do not bring the donations into the restaurant, instead make arrangements with the attending ambassador to transfer from your vehicle to theirs.


Jacki Lo,




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Home School Foundation

Are you or a homeschooling family you know facing a crisis or ongoing hardship? Would you like to help other families continue to homeschool through hard times? Whether you need such support personally at this time, we can all play a unique role in the continual encouragement of hundreds of homeschooling families within Arizona, nationwide, and even internationally.

The Home School Foundation (HSF) is a nationwide organization whose mission is to bless homeschool families and further the cause of homeschooling. Founded in 1994 as a non-profit 501(c)(3), HSF is the charitable arm of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). These two organizations are very closely tied in their mission to help and support the home school community.

Through various funds, HSF offers assistance to homeschooling families with specific needs ... widows, single parents, special needs, military families, curriculum relief, disaster relief, and more. Many of our state’s homeschool families have been blessed through assistance from HSF this past year. Perhaps you’d like to volunteer to help a family in need? HSF also works through the volunteer Ambassador Program.

Ambassadors work together to identify needs of particular families and organize and implement local service projects such as repairing a widow's roof, helping a single mom with yard maintenance, or arranging for financial assistance to purchase living essentials such as winter fuel and clothing. Ambassadors love to serve. Read “Thirteen Ways We Made a Difference in 2013.”

Would you consider volunteering as an ambassador for HSF? Ambassadors make the work of HSF personal and tangible as they help struggling homeschool families!

Get Help

HSF offers assistance to homeschooling families with specific needs including:


Give Help

When an Arizona homeschool family is faced with an unforeseen crisis, our community can rally around them and offer assistance in very meaningful, tangible ways. Here are a few examples. For more details and ideas, contact the HSF State Ambassador for Arizona.


PRAY: Pray for the work of HSF.
CONNECT: Refer a hurting homeschool family to the AZ State Ambassador.
VOLUNTEER: Consider volunteering as a Community Ambassador in your homeschool support group or community.
HELP WITH A FUNDRAISER: Collaborate with the State Ambassador to organize a fundraiser for an Arizona homeschooling family in need.


Offer specifc service or trade skills to a homeschooling family in need. When a crisis or disaster hits, having extra hands to help with home repairs, painting, yard clean-up, plumbling needs, moving services, child care, and more can be a huge blessing to the family.


DONATE: Consider making a cash donation to HSF. Use the State Ambassador Fund Contribution form so that funds are specifically earmarked to help Arizona homeschool families in need. If you mail a check to HSF, please write "Arizona" in the memo line. Or you may donate online. Choose "Ambassador" fund and select "Arizona" in the drop-down list of states. Donations to HSF are tax deductible.

HSLDA MEMBERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP: Give an HSLDA Membership Scholarship to another family through the Members Helping Members Fund where families in need can apply for a scholarship toward their annual HSLDA Membership fee.

SHOP ONLINE: Use Clicks for Homeschooling when purchasing a variety of everyday products and services. All proceeds from purchases made through this link go directly to support the Compassion Fund, HSF's largest fund which helps homeschool families all across the country.

HSF COOKBOOK: Purchase a copy of the cookbook Family Favorites from the Homeschool Kitchen. A portion of each purchase goes to the Compassion Fund. This cookbook makes a wonderful gift for the holidays, a birthday, or a wedding!