Processing with a Purpose

Cornerstone Payment Systems is pleased to offer a unique opportunity to save your business money on credit card processing, while supporting AFHE at the same time.

Simply process your credit cards through Processing with a Purpose and Cornerstone Payment Systems will make a donation to AFHE for as long as you participate.

As a participating merchant, Cornerstone Payment Systems provides you with a preferred credit card processing rate, which is guaranteed to save you money for your business. There is no cost to participate and Cornerstone is committed to funding an ongoing donation to support the work of AFHE for as long as you maintain your processing relationship with Cornerstone Payment Systems.

Cornerstone Payment Systems is so committed to the success of this program that if we are unable to provide you with a comprehensive offer which reduces your credit card processing costs, then Cornerstone Payment Systems will make a donation of $500 to AFHE!

Cornerstone Payment Systems was founded by Nick Logan and his family in 2001. Nick is a homeschooling father of nine. He and his wife Gail are now grandparents to six. Nick's background includes senior executive roles with both private and public companies. Cornerstone is a Christ-centered company that provides Credit Card and check processing services for business and ministry clients such as AFHE, HSLDA, Focus On The Family, Vision Forum, Calvary Chapel, and well-known retail and restaurant businesses in the US and Canada.