AFHE Honors David and Valerie Monk
for 18 Years of Service on the AFHE Board

January 2013

The AFHE Board of Directors has been blessed by the faithful, dedicated service of David and Valerie Monk for the past 18 years. Their steadfast, joyful leadership has contributed greatly to building an organization that inspires, promotes, and preserves home education in Arizona. Their vision and passion for the annual homeschool convention has impacted the lives of thousands of families in a very positive way. We are grateful for their sacrifice and friendship and we look forward to serving with them in various capacities during this season while they rest from the board and focus on their family.

A Note from David and Valerie...

We have thoroughly enjoyed serving AFHE and the homeschoolers of Arizona these past 18 years. Having served as convention directors has been a joy, and we have been blessed in so many ways. Just previewing countless speaker workshop talks helped us learn to be better parents and teachers to our own children.

Our first six children have graduated, yet we are not done. Our privilege of parenting continues as we transition to counselors and encouragers for them as they pursue the destiny God is unfolding in their lives. One of our homeschool graduates is preparing to leave as a missionary to Mozambique, one is married and just had our first grandchild, and the others are in college and pursuing careers.

However, we still have five blessings from God to homeschool and raise for Him, including a very busy three-year-old. We believe God has asked us to step down from the AFHE board for awhile and concentrate our efforts on training and equipping our children for the destiny God has prepared for them.

We are pleased to be able to continue to serve on the Convention Committee as On-Site Registration Coordinators and also as the Junior High Graduate Recognition Director. We pray that God will continue to bless AFHE’s efforts to protect our rights to homeschool and to encourage homeschoolers to be faithful to their calling as parents and educators of their children.