Volunteers Make the AFHE Convention Possible!

Volunteers are an integral part of the success of the annual Arizona Home Education Convention hosted by AFHE. Our convention is run entirely by volunteers from the convention director to the registration staff. Our volunteer workers help keep costs to a minimum while continuing to provide an excellent conference. We are thankful to each and every volunteer who works so hard to make this event a success!

Volunteering at the convention is a lot of fun! Many of our volunteers eagerly await the opportunity to sign up to help at the convention. We appreciate each of our volunteers and pray you are blessed as you serve others and help make the convention a wonderful experience for all!

Volunteer opportunity job descriptions and application will be available on this page in February 2017. The volunteer application will open March 6, 2017.



We are looking for mature, responsible, reliable adults to volunteer in a variety of positions at our convention including workshop hosts, registration volunteers, booth hosts for speakers, and more.

Current AFHE membership is required. The opportunity to volunteer is a benefit of membership. If you are not a current member, you can join or renew your AFHE membership when you register for the convention. Free admission for those volunteering 5+ hours does NOT include membership.

Volunteers must be willing to comply with the dress code, code of conduct, and any instructions provided by the Volunteer Coordinator.


Dress Code

We expect all of our volunteers to dress in a professional, modest manner.  You will be representing AFHE and the homeschooling community in general. For this reason, and because attendees at the conference share a wide variety of convictions about clothing, we ask that all volunteers follow a dress code. Please come dressed in business casual attire each day that you are scheduled to volunteer.

LADIES:  Slacks or a skirt with a nice blouse/top. Dress capris are acceptable.

MEN: Slacks with a button-up shirt or polo shirt.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR: Please do not wear shorts, jeans, short skirts, tank tops, blouses with cleavage or midriff showing,
or clothing that is too form-fitting or revealing.


We expect that all of our volunteers will conduct themselves in a polite, professional manner. It is a great blessing to be able to serve one another at this event and we expect that our volunteers will be cheerful, helpful, and ready to serve. AFHE is an organization that promotes and supports private, parent-led, family-funded, relationship-based education of children at home. We do not promote or support virtual charter schools or publicly funded programs for homeschoolers.

Our volunteers are expected to support the mission and goals of AFHE. While you are serving at the homeschool convention, we ask that your conversation and comments focus on supporting this vision as well. Our volunteers should not discuss or promote virtual charter schooling or publicly funded programs for homeschoolers to those you encounter at the convention. If you cannot agree to this request, please let us know ASAP so that we can replace you as a volunteer. In addition, volunteers are not permitted to promote their own businesses or endeavors during their time volunteering. While you are serving, your sole focus is on your role as a workshop host, booth host, registration volunteer, etc.

The AFHE Board of Directors operates from a Christian perspective and makes decisions from the ethical and moral standards established in the Bible. Convention volunteers must support this philosophy.


Exhibitor Volunteers - Clarification

A number of exhibitors enlist the help of homeschool moms and dads to assist with running their booths. Please note that exhibitor volunteers are not volunteering for AFHE and do not qualify for free admission through AFHE regardless of the number of hours worked. Each exhibitor receives a certain number of name badges with their booth space rental, and they must use those name badges or purchase additional badges for their volunteers. Therefore, for example, if a wife volunteers for an exhibitor at their booth, the wife will receive an exhibitor name badge from the exhibitor. In this case, the husband does not get free admission because the wife is not volunteering for AFHE. If husband and wife are not both volunteering for the exhibitor and do not each receive a name badge from the exhibitor, the one not volunteering for the exhibitor will need to register for the convention and pay the convention admission fee.