Christian Teen Program

Homeschooled students age 12-18 are invited to participate in this year's Teen Program.


Generation Joshua Presents: iAdvocate

This teen program features interactive activities that simulate what a legislator encounters when he or she tries to draft and advocate legislation. Participants will have to choose between competing priorities such as personal legislative goals, the goals of his or her party, and the professional agreements he or she has made with other participants.  Participants will start with drafting legislation in a small committee, and will progress to an official legislative session where they will have the chance to debate and vote on their legislation. To round out the program, Generation Joshua staff will provide lectures focusing on Christian worldview and civic involvement and how it relates to law and public policy. iAdvocate provides a safe atmosphere for students to learn how they respond to political pressures and gain a better understanding of how leaders make tough decisions. Ultimately, the goal of the track is to train students to be an unfailing testimony as an advocate for Christian principles as they serve their country.


Joel started his life as an advocate when he was in 6th grade and convinced his mother to homeschool him. In 2007, after working on Capitol Hill for Congressman J.C. Watts and then delving into the world of demographic research, Joel started training future leaders at Generation Joshua. He now serves as the director of Generation Joshua. A graduate of his hometown college, Eastern Washington University, he travels around the United States training students to change the political world for Christ. When Joel speaks, he draws on over 15 years of ministry and 10 years of political experience to make the message relevant to a generation that he says, “Will change the world.” Living in the Washington, D.C. area, Joel, his wife Christie, and their three boys enjoy life in the fast lane.



Participation is open to homeschooled teens age 12-18. Attendance is limited to the first 500 teens that register.

Visit the Convention REGISTRATION page for more information and to register your family before June 26. At-the-door registrations for the Teen Program will be accepted if space is available.

Teens participating in the Teen Program must register with their parents for the convention or have another adult that will be on-site during the convention who will be responsible for each teen. The Phoenix Convention Center is a public building in Downtown Phoenix. Parents or a designated adult are responsible for the well-being and safety of their children and teens during the convention, not the AFHE Board of Directors, Convention Committee, convention volunteers, or Crystal Creek Media team members. All teens who participate in the Teen Program must have contact information (cell number) for their parents or the designated adults responsible for them in case of emergency or the need arises to reach the parent during Teen Program sessions.

NOTE:Teen Program participants do not need to pay the $10 child/teen admission fee on top of their $20 registration.


Although we are not staffed to assist students who need special assistance, we would invite a parent, older sibling, or aide to attend the teen program with a student who needs assistance. Please email us at to discuss any special circumstances that may impact a student's ability to participate in the teen program. The teen program is primarily lecture style.


$20 per student includes this two-day program and a one-year membership with Generation Joshua. Teen Program registration includes admission to any of the workshops during the convention and admission to the exhibit hall.

Name Badges

Students registered for the Teen Program will have special name badges that must be worn at all times, and may not be shared or transferred to others.


Friday, July 10 and Saturday, July 11, 2015
11:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm each day